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Strong analysis leads to settlement. Fidelity Advisory Network (FAN) is focused on providing actuarial and other analytical experts to support forensic consulting and testimony.

Our research staff has access to subject matter experts in the fields of employee benefits, insurance, property and casualty, business valuation, and other related disciplines by drawing on deep actuarial and analytical expertise.

FAN actuaries and research analysts work with our clients to understand their specific requirements. FAN performs independent research and leverages deep unique industry referral networks to locate and connect our clients to actuarial, economic and financial experts. These experts frequently provide independent expert testimony, custom consultations, exclusive research that prepare our clients for settlements, trial and regulatory hearings and reduce the uncertainties of litigation.

Our research staff has access to experts in fields, including:


  • Audit and review practices
  • Data and statistical services
  • Due diligence investigation
  • Financial/Economic analysis
  • Impact analysis of changes in operations
  • Retrospective Value Analysis
    • Evaluation of the impact of previously implemented strategies
    • Retrospective control group simulation
    • Alternative scenario construction
  • Transaction support
    • Identification of hidden assets and liabilities
    • Review of pro forma calculations
    • Valuation - Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
    • “Day 1” administrative services
    • On-going administration for financial acquisitions


  • Calculation and explanation of the impact of re-insurance Construction of actuarial models to set a value on possible settlement
  • Estimation of damages
  • Independent assessments of insurance company liabilities
  • Loss control/quantification
  • Preparation and analysis of evidentiary documents
  • Quantify damage exposures if liability were established
  • Reinsurance recovery
  • Reserving Analysis
    • Loss reserve
    • Long duration contract unearned premium testing
    • Schedule P preparation/review
    • Statements of actuarial opinion
  • Self-insured Valuations
    • Analysis of insurance and reinsurance coverage
    • Assist auditors
    • Loss and ALAE reserves
    • Provide data needed for annual reports and board meetings
  • Streamline claims evaluation and document recovery services

Litigation Support

  • Brief attorneys on insurance industry issues and standard
  • Review and validation of relevant calculations
  • Allocation to Policies (Indemnity and Defense)
  • Analyzing Litigation Risk based on:
    • Policy characteristics such as deductibles, per occurrence limits, per claim limits, claims made clauses, and asbestos exclusions
    • Tender date, allocation Period
    • Product Identification or lack thereof
    • Strictness of medical criteria
    • Other criteria indicated by legal team
  • Estimating Future Costs
    • Number of future claims with consideration for when product produced, how much produced
    • Ease of identification of product
    • Cost of future claims – separately for different types of claims (Mesothelioma, Lung cancer, Other cancer, Non-malignant)
    • Prejudgment interest
    • Present value discount
  • Expert witness testimony


  • CASB
  • FASB
  • GASB

Second Opinion

  • Independent review of work of actuary and other vendors
  • Review of benefit plan designs for efficacy; design and costing of alternative designs
  • Review of vendor fees and services