Fee Structure

Our approach to fees is unique, but simple. Unlike professionals within traditional research or consulting firms, FAN does not charge for its research services.  Our fees depend on the clients freely selecting a consultant derived from FAN research and engagement. FAN views our clients as partners in a continuing relationship and aligns our compensation with the value created by our services, solutions tools and information resources.  As a result, we are entirely and solely focused on helping clients find and engage the most appropriate experts for each project.

This is why it is possible to say that working with FAN involves no risk for the client: compensation is in line with the quality of the research, and expertise provided is a guarantee of our commitment to providing you the best options and a genuine partnership.

Finally, we are committed to the principles of stewardship and building a legacy firm – one that ensures the people working for us today will lead our firm forward in the future while cultivating strong client relationships. This is the essence of FAN and it is what makes us unique when compared to our competitors.