Professional Services


To execute our solutions, we provide an excellent team supported by a flexible and rigorous process.  FAN views our clients as partners in a continuing relationship and aligns our compensation with the value created by our services, solutions-tools and information resources, and by only being compensated when a client engages one of our recommendations. As a result, we are entirely and solely focused on helping clients find and engage the most appropriate experts for each project.  Each step in our search process is geared toward providing our clients with the highest possible standard of service in the provision of outstanding candidate options for the client’s specific requirements.

Process Steps:

  1. FAN analysts work with the client to define the specific requirement and expertise needed
  2. FAN research staff works referral networks
  3. FAN will provide up to three CV expert options
  4. FAN facilitates the engagement, bills and collects – facilitate precise execution of expert services
  5. FAN places a strong emphasis on quality control. During the engagement, FAN obtains client feedback and monitors performance to enable continuous improvement.

While our clients leverage our services to improve their effectiveness, it is truly our core values of commitment, teamwork, integrity, professional excellence and entrepreneurial spirit that allow us to best serve our clients.