Numerous leading firms have engaged us, and our analysis staff and consulting partners have provided sound judgment that has resulted in satisfied clients and positive results.

Fee Schedule:
We are only compensated when a client engages one of our recommendations, aligning our compensation with the value created by our services, solutions tools and information resources.

Because we are a boutique firm, we have the flexibility to adapt quickly to the needs, style and objectives of each individual client in the creation of innovative solutions. Since we are unencumbered by an institutionalized fee structure and excessive corporate overhead, we can tailor our solutions to our clients’ needs and the nature of the transaction on a basis that is attractive to each client.

Fresh Perspectives:
FAN’s internal subject matter experts can frequently add substantial value through observations and insights on what type of specific expertise is required and offer this preliminary guidance to our clients, as part of our service.

No Conflicts of Interest:
As an independent consulting firm, FAN does not have the inherent conflicts of interest that can arise with larger institutions.

FAN understands our clients time constraints and acts with the requisite sense of urgency while carrying out our work with precision.  In addition, we respect your time and to this end require a minimum amount of client guidance while providing you with only options that we believe meet your requirements.