• Analysis
  • Conference Events
  • Expert Conversations
  • Expert Testimony
  • Research Reports
We facilitate the provision of independent analysis to support expert testimony, regulatory or legislative engagements. Frequently, this work includes economic, financial and statistical studies of varying data analysis, technical and staffing requirements.
We set up dinners, lunches and face-to-face conference meetings between our experts and clients. Through interaction with selected subject experts, participants acquire enlightened perspectives, enhanced capabilities and critical insights. Custom programs enable timely exposure to new research, ideas and trends.
We provide research for and facilitate phone or personal expert/client conversations.
Expert witnesses play a crucial role in the litigation, arbitration and negotiation systems. FAN provides access to highly-qualified and experienced experts in a broad range of fields to litigators, insurance companies, corporations and other professionals. FAN locates experts to provide preliminary review, oral and written expert testimonies for plaintiffs and defendants during depositions, arbitrations/mediations and trials. We also provide experts knowledgeable in Alternative Dispute Resolution who can assist our corporate and industry clients.
FAN research provides access to specialists in the fields of medicine, economics, finance and business, who can provide critical insight by researching and providing our clients customized reports covering a broad range of issues. This reporting can include the creation of collaborative, multi-disciplinary teams capable of defining and constructing innovative solutions to the complex issues facing our clients.